A Questionable Poll With All Dems Up in Georgia

Democrats almost assuredly like the results from the latest Gravis Marketing poll.

Trump disapproval 49%, only 46% approve! Generic Dem congressional candidate up by four points! Abrams over Kemp by two points! Sarah Riggs Amico(!) over Goff [sic] Duncan by two points! Barrow over Raffensberger by four(!) points! Same-sex marriage supporters outnumber opponents by three percent! 

But after earning a Medill F for the Lite Gov race there’s a minor chestnut to consider: how could Georgia Democrats have this rosy an outlook?

Maybe because the respondents were evenly split between Trump/Clinton voters. And 54% female. And the poll was conducted just after the GOP runoff.

So perhaps this is accurate. But it seems a bit unlikely to this blogger.


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