Sarah Riggs Amico’s First Ad

I have to say: she’s enthusiastic.

And Sarah Riggs Amico might want to dial back some of the enthusiasm.

The 60-second ad is below and as her campaign said in a press release: “The spot reminds voters that, unlike [Sen. David] Perdue, Amico has been a jobs creator who spent her career putting working families first.”

Which is a bit disingenuous. Yes, Pillowtex was a disaster but it also seems there was little then-CEO Perdue could have done to save the company.

But, he oversaw a massive expansion of Dollar General to the tune of 2600 stores. For comparison: Jack Cooper, Amico’s family business, employs a little under 4000 people. And Perdue’s tenure as Reebok CEO was also a success.

I’m not necessarily defending Senator Perdue or criticizing the ad. Overall I think the ad is good and helps to make Amico less white than a Saltine.

All I’m doing is offering mico the best advice (free and unsought): this might not be the path you want to take.

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