Raphael Warnock Enters U.S. Senate Race

While the Georgia GOP is dividing itself into cults of personality and preparing for an internal knife fight, Democrats have found their consensus candidate to fill the unexpired term of Senator Johnny Isakson.

The Reverend Raphael Warnock is now officially in. His introductory video says he’s ready:

It remains to be seen if Senator Kelly Loeffler and Doug Collins will face Warnock in November together, presumably leading to a January 2021 runoff, or if Georgia law will be changed to allow for partisan primaries in the race. Matt Lieberman is also an announced Democratic candidate in this race.

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Jack Fitz
Jack Fitz
4 months ago

THAT is a good campaign video. Back story (Savannah to Atlanta a plus in a statewide race), highlights issues important to him (healthcare and wages), and doesn’t go negative (no mention of Trump).

Oh my God he even has a “walk and talk”….Bravo folks, Bravo.

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