Ossoff: I Was For Debating Handel As Much As Possible Before I Was Against It

So is Jon Ossoff now afraid of debating Karen Handel as much as possible or just afraid of how he will look on CNN? 

That’s the question to ask now that he’s ducking a tete-a-tete with Handel. Ossoff won’t agree to participate in the Atlanta Press Club debate, scheduled to be broadcast on CNN. (Really, dude? EVERYONE does the Press Club debates…maybe you’ve forgotten that in D.C.)

You, dear reader, will recall that Ossoff proposed six debates with Handel. For some reason, the venerable APC series was deemed beneath Ossoff. (Spare me the tripe of wanting only debates moderated by “the metro Atlanta press corps”).

This also follows a barrage of attacks from Ossoff acolytes against Handel for not agreeing to the upstart Democrat’s first debate proposal.

At the end of the day, Ossoff now is afraid of debating Handel; plain and simple.


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