NARAL to Karen Handel: You’ve Gone “Too Far”

When does the debate on abortion begin? Probably not with tax bills. Certainly not with tax bills if you are NARAL, which took issue over Karen Handel’s “pushing” the new GOP tax bill*.

In other words: NARAL views Handel’s seat as vulnerable and on that we agree.

In a statement released ahead of Thursday’s vote on the tax bill, Georgia NARAL director Laura Simmons said:

“Above all, Georgia voters want our elected leaders to be straight with us. Unfortunately, Rep. Handel has chosen to mislead us by using a tax bill as an excuse to enforce her anti-choice agenda. Attacks on reproductive rights have no place in the tax code, and even for the anti-choice GOP, this is too far.

“Georgia’s women and families want a tax code that’s fair and helps us plan for the future, not ideological attempts that pave the way towards banning abortion. The question about when life begins is a serious matter for personal reflection with our families and faith communities, not federal tax agents. We look forward to the day that the GOP spends more time supporting the needs of working families in Georgia than trying to force their anti-choice ideology into our lives.”

I can find no instance of Handel actively working on this legislation beyond it coming from her party. However, if Republicans want to define personhood in federal law they should do it on its own instead of being cowards folding it into a tax bill.

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