Chalis Montgomery Jumps into #GA10 Race (Rep. Hice)

We received the following press release from Chalis Montgomery announcing her candidacy as a Democrat for Congress from GA-10, which is currently represented by Republican Congressman Jody Hice.

Today, Democrat Chalis Montgomery is announcing her bid to represent Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. Her run for congress is motivated by her faith and her commitment to democracy. Montgomery plans to put American values over partisan division and will fight for the dignity and opportunity that everyone deserves.

Montgomery, 39, is stepping up to challenge incumbent Republican Jody Hice, who has failed to fight for the needs of Georgia families and small business owners. Montgomery has lived in Bethlehem with her husband for 15 years and has a daughter who is directly affected by the healthcare debate.

Through her work as an educator and children’s minister, Montgomery has seen the effects of bad public policy and has a clear vision for addressing the needs of her community.  As an entrepreneur, she has witnessed firsthand the difficulties faced by the business community, and believes that much more could be done to spur growth on Main Street. Montgomery recognizes the deep divisions in the district and is committed to being accessible to all citizens, not only those of her party, in meaningful and consistent ways.

By contrast, Hice has been inaccessible to residents of the 10th district, failing to hold a sufficient number of open town halls and other events, and has been an advocate for an alienating ideology rather than definitive ideas. Promoting a partisan agenda over the priorities and concerns of Georgia’s citizens has limited the region’s potential for too long.

Regarding the campaign, Montgomery released the following statement:

“I never thought I’d be a candidate for public office, but after hearing the stories of so many 10th district residents, from Athens, Winder, Milledgeville and Dacula, I realized that Jody Hice is failing families, just like he failed mine. My daughter Gwen has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a pre-existing condition, and Congressman Hice is supporting an approach to healthcare that would be devastating to children like her, along with our seniors.   

My husband is a public-school teacher and has seen first-hand the challenges our students and teachers are facing in Georgia. Congressman Hice’s only solution to solving this crisis is to eliminate federal funding for education. It’s time for accessible and transparent leadership that works for every voice, and a Congress that supports our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  

After praying with my family about launching this campaign, I have decided that the time is now to be directly involved in facing our nation’s challenges.

I look forward to sharing my platform, which includes universal healthcare, better wages, a pro-growth business environment, renewed commitment to our civil rights, immigration and criminal justice reform, national security, fully-funded education, access to college and vocational training for all, and strong communities which are able to fully exercise their voting rights.

In the coming weeks, I will be listening to voters and finding out what they want to see from their representative in Congress, and how I can help. I’m grateful for all the support I’ve received so far, and hope you’ll join me on this journey to bring new leadership to the 10th District.”

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