Karen Handel Draws Democratic Opponent

Atlanta CBS news anchor Bobby Kaple is hoping to oust Karen Handel from her just-settled-in congressional seat.

Kaple announced earlier this week he quit his job to run against Rep. Handel. If I were an ambitious Democrat, I could think of no less an intimidating foe than Handel. So if the seat can be flipped, my guess is the only way to do that is facing Handel after she has a bruising primary. However, I don’t think Kaple is the guy. He’s pretty thin on all details and seems to have no real articulation of campaign strategy or policies.

From his interview with the AP:

“I decided I couldn’t sit at the anchor desk anymore and simply report on this mess. I had to get out and try to do what I can to fix it.”

Ossoff has yet to say whether he’ll seek a 2018 rematch with Handel. Kaple said he and Ossoff have spoken, and he’s running whether or not Ossoff tries a comeback.

“The fact is this is a different election and I’m a different candidate,” Kaple said.


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