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Fresh Tea Leaves Coming This Week From GA’s Capitol

This week’s Courier Herald column: Several questions will be answered this week in the Georgia General Assembly that will have an impact on Georgia’s long term future. These will bleed into upcoming campaigns and, with most statewide offices up for election, will thus send an early signal of how Georgia will be governed as well

April 28. That’s When Trump Will MAGA.

MAGA of course meaning: Making Atlanta Greaterthanitalreadyiswhichisalreadyperfect At last. April 28 is also the date President Trump will address the NRA Annual Meetings, taking place at the Georgia World Congress Center. The NRA tweeted the news on Friday. It will be the first time Trump qua President will visit the Peach State. President Trump will

Pro Gun Control Group Has Long Term Goals for Georgia

During the debate over House Bill 859, the measure that would have allowed concealed carry permit holders to bring their guns to most places on University System of Georgia campuses, one group was a constant presence at hearings. Representatives of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America not only were present at the hearings,

Rep Karla Drenner To Host GA Capitol Concert Honoring Orlando Victims

State Representative Karla Drenner (D-Avondale Estates) will honor the victims of the Orlando shooting at the LGBTQ friendly nightclub Pulse with a concert at Georgia’s capitol next week. The concert will be held Monday, June 20th, in the Capitol Rotunda. The concert will feature performances by the Atlanta Women’s Chorus, the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus,

Georgia GOP Anger At Fever Pitch

This week’s Courier Herald column: Last week was a rough one for many longtime Georgia Republicans. Ted Cruz suspended his quest to be the Republican nominee for President, all but ensuring Donald Trump will arrive in Cleveland with well more than the 1,237 votes needed for nomination. Governor Nathan Deal vetoed a “campus carry” bill