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Sanctuary Movement Is A Sign Of Stress

This week’s Courier Herald column: America is a country that was founded on concepts of personal freedoms and limits on government intervention.   Our Constitution enumerates specific powers given to the federal government.  The remaining powers lie to the states, or to the people. The Constitution has set the guiding principles of our Government for 232

Kemp’s Commercial Could be Criminal

As a prosecutor, I prosecuted dozens of individuals, who pulled out a weapon and pointed it at someone with the intent to cause fear in that person.  Some of those people are likely still in jail.   As a defense attorney, I have defended individuals at trial who were accused of aggravated assault when they pulled

Surprise Surprise — NRA Endorses Casey Cagle

The NRA returned the Delta favor to Casey Cagle by endorsing his gubernatorial bid. In a statement from the campaign, Cagle said: “I’m a lifetime member of the NRA, and I’m proud of my unwavering record for the Second Amendment. Like the NRA, I believe the framers of the Constitution meant what they said when

Does Casey Cagle Believe the NRA is Equivalent to the Second Amendment?

Candidly, I’m not sure how Casey Cagle’s mind was racing to connect the dots on this one, but it appears he does. Our god-fearing Lieutenant Governor assumed the yeoman’s task of defending his anti-Delta campaign in an interview that aired today on WABE.  Speaking to Denis O’Hayer, Cagle made a predictable push on Delta’s “discriminatory”

Delta: We Don’t Need The NRA; Jeffares: Delta Doesn’t Need A Tax Break

Delta has a knack for poor political timing. I’m old enough to remember when former CEO Richard Anderson told a Chamber gathering that lawmakers need not be “chickens” when raising gas taxes, right before he insisted on a tax break for jet fuel. They’ve waded in heavily on RFRA legislation, strongly making the point that

April 28. That’s When Trump Will MAGA.

MAGA of course meaning: Making Atlanta Greaterthanitalreadyiswhichisalreadyperfect At last. April 28 is also the date President Trump will address the NRA Annual Meetings, taking place at the Georgia World Congress Center. The NRA tweeted the news on Friday. It will be the first time Trump qua President will visit the Peach State. President Trump will

Rep Mandi Ballinger Brings New Campus Carry Bill

Yesterday, Rep Mandi Ballinger (R-Cherokee County) dropped a slightly revised “Campus Carry” bill into the hopper.  The legislature passed a similar bill last year but the measure was vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal. After the bill was passed last session, the Governor weighed in with a list of concerns.  It was late in session and