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Sanctuary Movement Is A Sign Of Stress

This week’s Courier Herald column: America is a country that was founded on concepts of personal freedoms and limits on government intervention.   Our Constitution enumerates specific powers given to the federal government.  The remaining powers lie to the states, or to the people. The Constitution has set the guiding principles of our Government for 232

End of the Primary: What have we learned?

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR EARLY VOTING.  THE ELECTION IS TUESDAY MAY 22ND. Primary season is almost over in Georgia. The distinctions between the Republican and Democrat focuses is plainly obvious from the television ads. Republicans are fighting to prove who is the most Trump like.  They have chosen undocumented individuals as the focus to

Few Republicans Circle The Wagons On Trump’s Alleged Colorful Commentary

Did President Donald Trump use colorful language to call or allude that some Caribbean, Central American, and African nations are undesirable places to live and posed the question on why we should let more of them in?  There are conflicting stories.  Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin lays out the controversial comments to the Chicago Tribune. 

AG Carr Backs Anti-Sanctuary City Amicus Brief

Attorney General Chris Carr lent his office’s support to a multistate amicus brief opposing sanctuary cities. In a statement, Carr explained his support for the brief saying: “we believe sanctuary jurisdictions — cities and localities that prohibit or otherwise obstruct cooperation between federal and local officials on immigration enforcement — defy the rule of law

Kemp Praises Texas Governor for Signing Sanctuary City Ban

Secretary of State and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp (R) sent out this press release following Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) signing of legislation that bans sanctuary cities in Texas. Sanctuary cities are dangerous, unlawful, and defy our Georgia values. As governor, our state will respect the rule of law and put the well being

Emory Still Fighting Trump Administration on Travel Bans

Unsurprisingly, Emory University is opposed to the new Trump travel ban, just as they were opposed to the first one and further considered – but ultimately decided against – becoming a sanctuary campus. That consideration led the Georgia General Assembly to pass a law last month preventing sanctuary campuses from receiving state funding, even though there

DeKalb and Clayton Sheriff’s Offices Singled Out on ICE Policies

Two counties in Georgia were singled out by President Trump for policies that are non-compliant with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  cases that deal with illegal immigrants that are violent offenders. In two reports by 11Alive and Atlanta Business Chronicle, DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffery Mann is quoted saying,  “Our office complies with all federal and

Isakson, Perdue On New Immigration Executive Order

From press releases: WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., today released the following statement on the updated executive order issued by President Donald Trump designed to prevent access into the United States by foreign nationals who are terrorists or criminals: “As a second-generation American whose grandfather emigrated from Sweden in 1903, I value the