Rep Mandi Ballinger Brings New Campus Carry Bill

Yesterday, Rep Mandi Ballinger (R-Cherokee County) dropped a slightly revised “Campus Carry” bill into the hopper.  The legislature passed a similar bill last year but the measure was vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal.

After the bill was passed last session, the Governor weighed in with a list of concerns.  It was late in session and legislators decided to stand on their work. This year’s bill removes on campus day care centers from the areas where guns would be allowed.

Under the bill, HB 280, only those approved with concealed carry permits would be allowed to bring a gun onto one of Georgia’s public college campuses.  This would mean that only those who have passed a background check and are at least 21 years of age would be packing.

Expect the usual forceful pushback from the University System member institutions. Expect this bill to pass, as many legislators are still a bit miffed about the veto.  And, presuming the Governor believes his concerns have been satisfactorily addressed, expect Rep Ballinger to thread the needle between the powerful forces on both sides of the bill to navigate this one to the Governor’s desk for a signature.

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