Does Casey Cagle Believe the NRA is Equivalent to the Second Amendment?

Candidly, I’m not sure how Casey Cagle’s mind was racing to connect the dots on this one, but it appears he does.

Our god-fearing Lieutenant Governor assumed the yeoman’s task of defending his anti-Delta campaign in an interview that aired today on WABE. 

Speaking to Denis O’Hayer, Cagle made a predictable push on Delta’s “discriminatory” decision.

Cagle then fell into a trap of his own doing saying ending the NRA was an attack on the Second Amendment. When faced with the patently obvious statement that “The NRA is not the Second Amendment” Cagle could only muster a feeble: “well you and I can just have disagreements.”

Look, I don’t really care that Cagle is defending the NRA, I think it’s a valid political strategy. I just hope that there is not such a pathological attachment to the NRA that he can differentiate the two (what would it even mean that the NRA is the Second Amendment?). Or that he just fell victim to his own unforced error. If not, I just don’t know what possible fruitful discussions there could be with Cagle.

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Lea Thrace
Lea Thrace
2 years ago

Heard this segment in the car this morning. Could not believe how dumb he sounded. It was clear that he had no legit reason for what he did other than political expediency. He’s going to regret that interview.

Georgia Dawg
Georgia Dawg
2 years ago

He may be book smart but he is dumb as dirt when it comes to common sense.

2 years ago

Cagle and Kemp are just flat-out weirdos to me. I wouldn’t let them dog-sit any pet. It’s sad that Republicans are trying to bank on this this windfall/nonsense tax cut. I make more than decent money and this seems trivial to me.

It will bite us in the ass later.

And those Cagle glasses!

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