Delta: We Don’t Need The NRA; Jeffares: Delta Doesn’t Need A Tax Break

Delta has a knack for poor political timing. I’m old enough to remember when former CEO Richard Anderson told a Chamber gathering that lawmakers need not be “chickens” when raising gas taxes, right before he insisted on a tax break for jet fuel. They’ve waded in heavily on RFRA legislation, strongly making the point that businesses shouldn’t be in a position for them or their employees to choose which customers they want to serve because of their 1st Amendment rights.

This morning, Delta has waded into both the 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, sharply choosing sides. The airline doesn’t believe those who choose freedom of association based on their 2nd Amendment rights/beliefs should be entitled to group discounts on their airline. Meanwhile, Delta has legislation that permanently eliminates taxes on jet fuel sitting in the Senate, after passing the House.

State Senator and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Rick Jeffares is first out of the gate this morning doing his best Lee Corso. Not so fast on that tax break, kids.

ATLANTA, GA – Former State Senator and candidate for Lt. Governor Rick Jeffares today called on the Georgia Legislature to reject Delta Airlines plea for a special $40 million tax break on aviation fuel. Following Delta’s snub of the 100,000 plus Georgia NRA members whose travel discounts the airline just eliminated for political reasons, Jeffares reasons that they must have plenty of money to burn.

“If Delta is so flush that they don’t need NRA members hard-earned travel dollars, they can certainly do without the $40 million tax break they are asking Georgia taxpayers for,” Jeffares said.

The special tax break is contained in House Bill 821, which is currently in the Rules Committee.

More than 80,000 people attended the NRA annual meeting in Atlanta last year generating an economic impact of more than $50 million.

Jeffares may be the first, but he won’t be the last. Delta’s on-time rating for scuttling legislation beneficial to them is better than that of their airline operations.


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