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Cagle, Abrams Continue to Lead in Halfway-Useless Poll

Let’s get the big part out of the way: half of the Democrats polled in the lastest┬áMason-Dixon Georgia Gubernatorial poll┬ádon’t know who either Stacey is so who really cares what those numbers are (Stacey A. 29% to Stacey E.’s 17%). Also, this poll was conducted before the Delta-NRA fiasco and Casey Cagle has the support

Delta: We Don’t Need The NRA; Jeffares: Delta Doesn’t Need A Tax Break

Delta has a knack for poor political timing. I’m old enough to remember when former CEO Richard Anderson told a Chamber gathering that lawmakers need not be “chickens” when raising gas taxes, right before he insisted on a tax break for jet fuel. They’ve waded in heavily on RFRA legislation, strongly making the point that