Cagle, Abrams Continue to Lead in Halfway-Useless Poll

Let’s get the big part out of the way: half of the Democrats polled in the lastest Mason-Dixon Georgia Gubernatorial poll don’t know who either Stacey is so who really cares what those numbers are (Stacey A. 29% to Stacey E.’s 17%).

Also, this poll was conducted before the Delta-NRA fiasco and Casey Cagle has the support of 27% of Georgia Republicans with Kemp, Tippins and Hill next at 13, 12 and 11 points respectively.

My hot take is that Cagle takes off like a rocket in the next poll getting to near-50% levels. I also think this might be the start of the end for Stacey A. She’s going to have a serious money issue while Stacey E is essentially unknown with money to burn.

I predict Cagle and Evans win without runoffs. I could be wrong–there’s a first time for everything after all.


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That isnt very good news for Stacey A. Her money has been spent to raise her name recognition and with voter outreach. I think she is better known OUT of state than IN state


I think you may be right about Abrams name ID out of state. She will be spending a lot of time out of state on her book tour right before the primary. Seems more like a strategy to become a MSNBC talking head than Governor.


I found it weird that 43% didn’t recognize Kemp’s name. I guess more folks than expected have tuned out politics.


Or never tuned in…

In 2014, the guy standing in font of me in line to vote was reading the sample posted on the wall mumbled to himself… “Secretary of State? What do they do?”


I’ve asked that question myself regarding our current SoS.