Author: Jon Richards

Bruce LeVell Will Enter CD6 Race

The final candidates to replace Tom Price in CD6 are shaping up. The latest> Bruce LeVell, according to this tweet: @realdonaldtrump — reinforcements are coming. I’m running in GA-06 for Congress to help you make America Great Again” — Bruce LeVell (@Bruce_LeVell) February 14, 2017 Qualifying ends Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

Final Dates Set for CD 6 Election

Now that Governor Nathan Deal has issued the call for the 6th District special election, Secretary of State Brian Kemp has set up the remaining important dates concerning the election. Qualifying will be held in the Elections Division of the Office of Secretary of State, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE, 802 West Tower,

State Sen. Williams issues Pro-Trump Robocall

At least one potential 2018 candidate is eager to remind voters of his association with President Donald Trump. State Sen. Michael Williams of Cumming sent out this robocall this evening: Williams reminds the listener that he was first Georgia elected official to endorse the businessman. Noting that the legislative session is almost half over, he

Barry Loudermilk is Seeking Answers About Homeland Security and the Secretary of State Database

As a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, Georgia congressman Barry Loudermilk is keeping a watchful eye on the incidents involving the Department of Homeland Security and the Georgia Secretary of State’s database. A data security contractor informed the Secretary of State’s office that the firewall protecting the database had been scanned on November

Appropriations Chair Terry England Cites Objections to Increasing Sales Tax and Lowering Income Tax

Whenever the idea of tax reform comes up in the state legislature, a common point of discussion is trading the state’s income tax for an increased sales tax. It’s a popular idea, given that neighboring states Florida and Tennessee appear to do well without an income tax. Many Georgians are fans of the FairTax, introduced

House Transit Study Committee Will Recommend an In-Depth, Funded Examination of Possible Options

The House Committee on Regional Transit Solutions met briefly Wednesday afternoon, and decided to recommend to the full House that a funded study be undertaken to get a better idea of what realistic policy options would be available for the funding and governance of a regional transit solution for the Atlanta area. Chairman Christian Coomer