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Dear Graduates: Learn To Fail

This week’s Courier Herald column: Some of you are graduating High School. Some are graduating college. It’s a time of year when people will congratulate you on your hard earned successes. You’ll sit through speeches filled with altruistic visions of how you’re going to make the world a better place. You’ll be told how you

End of the Primary: What have we learned?

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR EARLY VOTING.  THE ELECTION IS TUESDAY MAY 22ND. Primary season is almost over in Georgia. The distinctions between the Republican and Democrat focuses is plainly obvious from the television ads. Republicans are fighting to prove who is the most Trump like.  They have chosen undocumented individuals as the focus to

Qualifying Surprise: John Barge Files To Run For State School Superintendent

Former State School Superintendent John Barge qualified this afternoon for his old job. He will face incumbent State School Superintendent Richard Woods. Barge was elected in 2010 without support from the Republican establishment. His tenure was notable for frequently butting heads with Governor Deal. In 2012, Barge opposed Republican lawmakers’ push for charter school legislation.

GA House Education Chairman Brooks Coleman Retiring

With qualifying for elections set to begin next Monday, another round of retirement announcements is forthcoming.  Today, we spotlight that Rep Brooks Coleman (R-Duluth) will be ending his tenure in the Georgia House of Representatives at the end of his term.  Coleman is the Chairman of the House Education Committee.  In my experience, he’s been

Losing The Politics of School Choice

This week’s Courier Herald column: School Choice has been a stated policy goal of the Republican Party and most GOP candidates since before control of the Governor’s mansion switched hands in 2002. Some progress has been made. State Charter Schools were formed, then re-authorized after losing a Supreme Court case and winning on the ballot

Time To Move School Choice Beyond Slogans

This week’s Courier Herald column: It’s National School Choice week across the country, and several organizations will make their presence felt at Georgia’s Capitol this week. Many will be patted on the heads and told by legislators and candidates how important school choice is to them. We’ve been hearing this for years. Lately, however, tangible