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Ethical Journalism? Off to the Unicorn Races!

The list of silly things to come out of Georgia’s Legislature is long (see proposed “Constitutional Tender Act;” the 2001 edition of the State flag; Mitchell Kaye; etc.) but the silliest of 2019 has to be the idea of a “State Journalism Ethics Board.” Outgoing State Rep. Andy Welch, a Republican from McDonough, thinks the

Evans Campaign Says Ethics Complaint “Frivolous” and “False”

Don’t believe the ethics complaint. That’s the not-unexpected response from Stacey Evans’ gubernatorial campaign. In a statement sent to news outlets on Friday, Seth Clark, a spokesperson for the Evans campaign blasted the complaint filed against his boss.  “The complaint filed by Stacey Abrams’ campaign manager is frivolous,” he wrote. “It is filled with factual

Tybee Island Doesn’t Want Ethics Complaints about Candidates During Elections

Have you noticed any shady goings-on by a candidate running for office on Tybee Island? City council members demand you keep that to yourself. According to the Savannah Morning News, Tybee’s city council has adopted a moratorium on filing ethics complaints against candidates for the council beginning 90 days before the qualifying period and extending

Rumor has it…

Multiple sources are suggesting that Attorney General Sam Olens will be named President of Kennesaw State University. Olens, who previously served as Cobb County Commission Chair, was elected Attorney General in the state-wide 2010 elections. He would replace Dr. Houston Davis, the chief academic officer for the University System of Georgia, who has served as

Oh the Irony!

In the past two weeks I have received three emails warning the American taxpayers of a pending abuse of taxpayer funds in the form of a Puerto Rico bailout and as well as a potential tsunami of other bailouts involving unions and other municipalities, counties and states. The irony of these missives is they are

Judging Paul Broun By His Fruits: Part 2

Last week, we started peeling back the layers of the self-propelled myth that Paul Broun is in politics because he is in selfless pursuit of a constitutional nation.  We’re using Matthew 7 to Judge career politician Broun on the fruits his political career has harvested. Thus far, the bushel basket contains the fact that he