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Isakson’s Food Security Bill Divides Republican Party

The Republican Party is splitting in two. Factional rumblings over America’s proper role in the world are rising to the surface and the difference between George W. Bush’s America— the world’s moral compass and protector—and Donald Trump’s America—insular and hell-bent on preserving national interests—could not be more stark. While Trump may have been the catalyst,

Wallace Trumped Cruz

For anyone familiar with Dan Carter’s The Politics of Rage, this election cycle, while rife with randomness, the tenor of this election cycle has been far from unpredictable. Starting in the early 1960s and arguably reaching into the late 70s, George Wallace and his horde of out of control, states’ rights social warriors were a

Judging Paul Broun By His Fruits: Part 2

Last week, we started peeling back the layers of the self-propelled myth that Paul Broun is in politics because he is in selfless pursuit of a constitutional nation.  We’re using Matthew 7 to Judge career politician Broun on the fruits his political career has harvested. Thus far, the bushel basket contains the fact that he

Michael Graham Tries To Follow Debbie Dooley’s Money. Hilarity Ensues

Michael Graham is a Tea Party activist and radio talk show host on Atlanta’s 106.7. He’s on from 9-noon daily. And yesterday was quite the banner day for him. He had noted Tea Party face and friend of Al Gore Debbie Dooley on his show to give her endorsement of Donald Trump. Those of you