Oh the Irony!

In the past two weeks I have received three emails warning the American taxpayers of a pending abuse of taxpayer funds in the form of a Puerto Rico bailout and as well as a potential tsunami of other bailouts involving unions and other municipalities, counties and states. The irony of these missives is they are authored by that great champion of taxpayer dollars, none other than


Some of the more ironic paragraphs include:

You see, for decades big spending politicians have used the taxpayers of Big Government-dominated states like California, New Jersey, Illinois and New York for their own personal gain.

“Big spending politicians” like Congressmen that cannot manage their office budget?

Or what about this line:

“Vote to bail out Puerto Rico and lose your job!” If I learned one lesson during my time in Congress, it’s that those kinds of messages resonate with elected officials!

Apparently not! Or you would not have sought re-election to Congress while still under the cloud of a suspended ethics or perhaps even a criminal investigation.

Surely I tell you this email originated at the “gates of hell”


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