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Another View of the GACR’s Position

Apparently there is more to the GeorgiaPol story, reported this morning, that the Georgia College Republicans have distanced themselves from Donald Trump’s candidacy. According to my sources the GACR Chapters were evenly split on their official statement and it required a vote of the state officers to break the tie. Opposition to the official statement

The Minority Majority sues Gwinnett

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law filed the lawsuit today on behalf of Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO), the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP and seven individual plaintiffs contending that the Gwinnett Board of Commissioner and the Board of Education Districts exclude minorities from electing candidates of their choice. The

Young Guns rule in HD-8

In a contest that started with 4 candidates in the May primary and came down to 2 in the July primary runoff, Matt Gurtler prevailed over Kent Woerner 61-39%. The primary runoff featured an inflow of money from outside the district to the Woerner campaign but Gurtler’s door-to-door retail politics won the day. Just 27

Oh the Irony!

In the past two weeks I have received three emails warning the American taxpayers of a pending abuse of taxpayer funds in the form of a Puerto Rico bailout and as well as a potential tsunami of other bailouts involving unions and other municipalities, counties and states. The irony of these missives is they are

Grassroots or the Will of the People?

This weekend Governor Nathan Deal will be vilified because he has ignored the grassroots and gone against the will of the people. Which lead me to wonder how can a sitting Governor that garnered more that 1.3 million votes in his last two elections be so bad? How can a the Governor who led his

A proposal for smaller government

Last session the Georgia legislature passed a measure that allows people and corporations to laser-focus their state income tax dollars directly on Georgia’s struggling rural hospitals. Contributions will flow directly to the rural hospital of their choice, skipping the bureaucratic red tape, to maximize the reach of every dollar contributed. Today Geoff Duncan (HD-26), in