A proposal for smaller government

Last session the Georgia legislature passed a measure that allows people and corporations to laser-focus their state income tax dollars directly on Georgia’s struggling rural hospitals. Contributions will flow directly to the rural hospital of their choice, skipping the bureaucratic red tape, to maximize the reach of every dollar contributed.

Today Geoff Duncan (HD-26), in an op-ed piece on the Georgia Public Policy Foundation website, suggested this type of creative thinking may actually be an effective model to reduce poverty while at the same time reducing the size and role of government.

Imagine the solutions that might be right around the corner here in Georgia if we embrace churches, charities, corporations and citizens as the solution instead of depending on bigger government. Adoption, foster care, mental health, health care for low-income individuals, homelessness, hunger, autism, child abuse services are just a few green light ideas that are all just one piece of legislation away from being positively affected by the 4 Cs.

Before writing this off to campaign rhetoric, we should note that Representative Duncan has no opposition in next week’s primary or the November general election.

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So would expanding medicaid, which the feds would 100% of for a couple of years 90% there after. Its just those damn undeserving poor and all the contortions these clowns go through to make the obvious choice seem unrelated.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Tax dollars RFRA. Cool.


This piece is so vague. Big government has certainly worked out for some people out there. What morons spout this nonsense off without context?

Tell me how poor areas are going to come up with this money needed to sustain rural health. Oh, the 4C’s.


The link has a big red flag by quoting the Charles Koch founded Cato Institute. The Four C’s concept relies on promoting Corporation rights over all others. Cato Institute, Americans for Prosperity et al believe a prosperous government should not take care of the people, should not better citizens lives. In fact they promote a government should not be prosperous at all – only corporations, and a few rich citizens, should prosper. Their prosperity relies on having no taxes, no government regulations and no enforcement of any laws that impede a corporation making as much money as fast as possible.Government… Read more »