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Continued positive fiscal news

Governor Nathan Deal announced a continuing positive trend in tax collections. August receipts were up 6.8% over August 2015 at $1.69 billion. For FY 2017, which began July 1 receipts totaled $3.3 billion which represented a 4.3% increase over the same period in FY 2016. Each tax revenue category showed an increase which is indicative

Things that make me go “Wait. What?”

A Georgia healthcare task force headed by two Republican legislators has released a series of options for covering uninsured Georgians that they call a “conservative approach to Medicaid expansion”. I thought Republicans supported smaller government not expansion? Vic Reynolds, the Republican District Attorney in Cobb County, on WSB 2 news last night suggested expanding federal

Young Guns rule in HD-8

In a contest that started with 4 candidates in the May primary and came down to 2 in the July primary runoff, Matt Gurtler prevailed over Kent Woerner 61-39%. The primary runoff featured an inflow of money from outside the district to the Woerner campaign but Gurtler’s door-to-door retail politics won the day. Just 27

Georgia Chamber Legislators of the Year

Each year, the Georgia Chamber’s Government Affairs Council recognizes legislators for their votes on critical business legislation. During this year’s spring meeting Senator Jeff Mullis, Representative John Meadows and Representative Beth Beskin all received top honors recognizing their support of pro-growth and pro-job policies. Georgia Chamber President and CEO Chris Clark thanked all the legislators

A proposal for smaller government

Last session the Georgia legislature passed a measure that allows people and corporations to laser-focus their state income tax dollars directly on Georgia’s struggling rural hospitals. Contributions will flow directly to the rural hospital of their choice, skipping the bureaucratic red tape, to maximize the reach of every dollar contributed. Today Geoff Duncan (HD-26), in