Things that make me go “Wait. What?”

A Georgia healthcare task force headed by two Republican legislators has released a series of options for covering uninsured Georgians that they call a “conservative approach to Medicaid expansion”. I thought Republicans supported smaller government not expansion?

Vic Reynolds, the Republican District Attorney in Cobb County, on WSB 2 news last night suggested expanding federal laws to cover gang activity in all 50 states. Another Republican advocating federal government expansion and further erosion of the 10th amendment. I thought Republicans also supported the Constitution?

Education experts continue to cite poverty as the cause of poor educational performance when the child poverty rate has dropped to 7.8% in 2014. According to Michael J Petrilli of the Thomas B Fordham Institute,

If the real child poverty rate is anywhere near 7.8 percent, everyone needs to stop pointing to “poverty” as the cause of our educational underachievement. Less than ten percent of the student population can’t possibly be responsible for our disappointing PISA and TIMSS scores. (In fact, American performance is mediocre at every point along the socioeconomic spectrum.)

So could we stop blaming poverty and get to the real issues?

When 9th District Congressman Doug Collins complained to the IRS about poor customer service in the tax help center in Gainesville, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen blamed the problem on budget cuts. Shocked I tell you! Shocked that a bureaucrat would blame any and all shortcomings on budget cuts!

When an executive within the GBI charged some $80,000 in personal expenses on her Pcard over a three-year period, GBI Director Vernon Keenan said internal controls were being strengthened. So why were they weak in the first place and why did it take the state’s premier investigative unit three years to discover the problem?

Is it any wonder that so many Georgians are angry?


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