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Bias In Catoosa County & GAGOP Disconnected From Voters

It is encouraging to see conservatives criticizing Georgia Republican officials for their lack of impartiality in the recent primary. For casual voters, it wasn’t obvious, but for anyone paying attention, it was clear some party officers were biased. Among those who have spoken out on the issue is Erick Erickson, who called for the resignation

New Poll Numbers for CD-6

Released today, new CD-6 poll numbers, commissioned by ZPolitics and gathered by Clout Research, show former Secretary of State Karen Handel leading Republicans with 25%. First term Roswell City Councilor Bob Gray trails behind at 11%. The two day survey polled 694 respondents. Democrat Jon Ossoff has an overall lead of 32%. However, Democrat hopefuls shouldn’t pay too much attention to

Another View of the GACR’s Position

Apparently there is more to the GeorgiaPol story, reported this morning, that the Georgia College Republicans have distanced themselves from Donald Trump’s candidacy. According to my sources the GACR Chapters were evenly split on their official statement and it required a vote of the state officers to break the tie. Opposition to the official statement

GA Medicaid expansion proposals

Last week I commented on the various options for expanding Medicaid in Georgia and drew comments from a number of readers. Now it seems like a Forbes contributor has taken a closer look at those options and come to some scathing conclusions. Josh Archambault, Senior Fellow with the Foundation for Government Accountability, has joined the conversation

Things that make me go “Wait. What?”

A Georgia healthcare task force headed by two Republican legislators has released a series of options for covering uninsured Georgians that they call a “conservative approach to Medicaid expansion”. I thought Republicans supported smaller government not expansion? Vic Reynolds, the Republican District Attorney in Cobb County, on WSB 2 news last night suggested expanding federal

The Minority Majority sues Gwinnett

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law filed the lawsuit today on behalf of Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO), the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP and seven individual plaintiffs contending that the Gwinnett Board of Commissioner and the Board of Education Districts exclude minorities from electing candidates of their choice. The

Young Guns rule in HD-8

In a contest that started with 4 candidates in the May primary and came down to 2 in the July primary runoff, Matt Gurtler prevailed over Kent Woerner 61-39%. The primary runoff featured an inflow of money from outside the district to the Woerner campaign but Gurtler’s door-to-door retail politics won the day. Just 27