New Poll Numbers for CD-6

Released today, new CD-6 poll numbers, commissioned by ZPolitics and gathered by Clout Research, show former Secretary of State Karen Handel leading Republicans with 25%. First term Roswell City Councilor Bob Gray trails behind at 11%. The two day survey polled 694 respondents.

Democrat Jon Ossoff has an overall lead of 32%. However, Democrat hopefuls shouldn’t pay too much attention to those aspiring to turn the seat Blue. With 58% of survey respondents having a favorable opinion of President Trump to only 42% responding unfavorably, the likely run-off makes it improbable that a Democratic challenger will upset the long-held GOP seat.

“Democrats are much more settled in their decision about this race,” Clout pollster Fritz Wenzel said, adding that 69 percent of Democrats are solid in their support of Ossoff. “While Ossoff may win the primary, it is highly unlikely he would win the runoff election.”

But while 45% of GOP voters are “somewhat firm” in their candidate of choice, 26% are uncommitted. Which means this is still anyone’s race. Former State Senator Judson Hill has been campaigning long and hard, vying for the seat since last November. But he currently sits in fourth place when those surveyed made their first pick, moving to fifth place in the category of “Second Choice”, trailing “Someone Else” by almost two points.

A week in the real world is a life time in politics and we have 8 lifetimes to go until we reach the proverbial finish line.

(H/T: ZPolitics)


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