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Fannin Co Judge has 2nd thoughts

The Fannin County District Attorney has dropped the felony charges against Mark Thomason, publisher of the Fannin Focus, and attorney Russell Stookey. The AJC’s Rhonda Cook is reporting: Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney Alison Sosebee dropped today the three felony charges brought against the publisher of a local weekly newspaper and his attorney that were

Grassroots or the Will of the People?

This weekend Governor Nathan Deal will be vilified because he has ignored the grassroots and gone against the will of the people. Which lead me to wonder how can a sitting Governor that garnered more that 1.3 million votes in his last two elections be so bad? How can a the Governor who led his

What Were They Thinking?

Today I paid a telecom expert to influence my phone company to give me higher internet speed knowing full well that it will increase my phone bill. Then I hired a food expert to twist Kroger’s arm to carry Densuke watermelons knowing full well it will raise my grocery bill. Finally I engaged a financial