Another View of the GACR’s Position

Apparently there is more to the GeorgiaPol story, reported this morning, that the Georgia College Republicans have distanced themselves from Donald Trump’s candidacy. According to my sources the GACR Chapters were evenly split on their official statement and it required a vote of the state officers to break the tie.

Opposition to the official statement was reportedly lead by Avery Anderson who is a member of the University of West Georgia College Republicans, an alternate to the Republican National Convention from Rabun County and who happens to be gay. Also leading the opposition was Joshua Aaron, the chair of the ABAC College Republicans and the younger brother of Steven Aaron, the chair of the Gilmer County Republican Party.

So while the College Republicans reflect the turmoil within the party, it is encouraging to see a united front for Republicans down ticket. I suspect we, the voters, have public positions that could be different than the position we express in the privacy of the voting booth.

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