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Things that make me go “Wait. What?”

A Georgia healthcare task force headed by two Republican legislators has released a series of options for covering uninsured Georgians that they call a “conservative approach to Medicaid expansion”. I thought Republicans supported smaller government not expansion? Vic Reynolds, the Republican District Attorney in Cobb County, on WSB 2 news last night suggested expanding federal

Fannin Co Judge has 2nd thoughts

The Fannin County District Attorney has dropped the felony charges against Mark Thomason, publisher of the Fannin Focus, and attorney Russell Stookey. The AJC’s Rhonda Cook is reporting: Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney Alison Sosebee dropped today the three felony charges brought against the publisher of a local weekly newspaper and his attorney that were

We’ve Got Trouble Right Here in Floyd County

Thursday morning Floyd County Police Chief Bill Shiflett reported that the ongoing investigation into the misappropriated funds in the Floyd County School system may exceed more than $3 million. According to staff reports from the Rome News-Tribune: In April, Derry Richardson, the now former Floyd County Schools maintenance director, was accused of taking over $600,000