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Continued positive fiscal news

Governor Nathan Deal announced a continuing positive trend in tax collections. August receipts were up 6.8% over August 2015 at $1.69 billion. For FY 2017, which began July 1 receipts totaled $3.3 billion which represented a 4.3% increase over the same period in FY 2016. Each tax revenue category showed an increase which is indicative

Things that make me go “Wait. What?”

A Georgia healthcare task force headed by two Republican legislators has released a series of options for covering uninsured Georgians that they call a “conservative approach to Medicaid expansion”. I thought Republicans supported smaller government not expansion? Vic Reynolds, the Republican District Attorney in Cobb County, on WSB 2 news last night suggested expanding federal

Young Guns rule in HD-8

In a contest that started with 4 candidates in the May primary and came down to 2 in the July primary runoff, Matt Gurtler prevailed over Kent Woerner 61-39%. The primary runoff featured an inflow of money from outside the district to the Woerner campaign but Gurtler’s door-to-door retail politics won the day. Just 27

A Case for Less Government

Union County is one of eight counties within the state of Georgia governed by a Sole Commissioner. With less than 22,000 citizens I feel I have better representation by the numbers, than I did when I lived in Gwinnett County where each commissioner represents about 180,000 citizens. Of Georgia’s 159 counties, 102 have less than