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Continued positive fiscal news

Governor Nathan Deal announced a continuing positive trend in tax collections. August receipts were up 6.8% over August 2015 at $1.69 billion. For FY 2017, which began July 1 receipts totaled $3.3 billion which represented a 4.3% increase over the same period in FY 2016. Each tax revenue category showed an increase which is indicative

Oh the Irony!

In the past two weeks I have received three emails warning the American taxpayers of a pending abuse of taxpayer funds in the form of a Puerto Rico bailout and as well as a potential tsunami of other bailouts involving unions and other municipalities, counties and states. The irony of these missives is they are

Grassroots or the Will of the People?

This weekend Governor Nathan Deal will be vilified because he has ignored the grassroots and gone against the will of the people. Which lead me to wonder how can a sitting Governor that garnered more that 1.3 million votes in his last two elections be so bad? How can a the Governor who led his

A proposal for smaller government

Last session the Georgia legislature passed a measure that allows people and corporations to laser-focus their state income tax dollars directly on Georgia’s struggling rural hospitals. Contributions will flow directly to the rural hospital of their choice, skipping the bureaucratic red tape, to maximize the reach of every dollar contributed. Today Geoff Duncan (HD-26), in

What Were They Thinking?

Today I paid a telecom expert to influence my phone company to give me higher internet speed knowing full well that it will increase my phone bill. Then I hired a food expert to twist Kroger’s arm to carry Densuke watermelons knowing full well it will raise my grocery bill. Finally I engaged a financial

Greetings from WOTP (way outside the perimeter)

Having written my first post last Friday and my introduction this week, you can assume IrishPat will be somewhat unconventional. Perhaps it is the clean mountain air up here in Blairsville or maybe I’m just a grumpy old white male who apparently is responsible for the world’s problems not directly attributable to George Bush. My