Melinda Gates Wants *You* to Join the GAPol Pick Em Challenge, World to Throw GSU Some Love

Well, I’m sure she would endorse the former were she award of said challenge. All the details to join are here! You can have two picks!  The first game is tonight, I believe. Gates does, however, want people to pay attention to Georgia State University’s cutting-edge work to eliminate disparities in racial achievement and make sure all

Regional Transit Study Committees Hear Ideas and Plans to Increase Transit Service in Atlanta

The House and Senate Regional Transit Study Committees met on Thursday, and heard from several speakers who described the role of transit and alternatives in metro Atlanta. Senators and Representatives heard from Nick Juliano representing the ride share service Uber, which has entered into an informal partnership with MARTA in order to determine how ride

Morning Reads for Friday, September 2nd

Ginny is our latest jet setting world traveler.  I’m betting she’s out finding a yarn supplier to keep her “knitting in publick” alive and strong.  In such, I’m here to give you this morning’s news. On this day in Georgia history, General William T. Sherman and his army captures Atlanta.  It still makes a few

Attorney General Says Nursing Board Has Right to Approve Executive Director Candidates

According to an opinion issued by the Georgia Law Department, the Georgia Board of Nursing has the final say over which qualified candidate can be hired as the Executive Director of the Board, and the Secretary of State’s office determines which candidate(s) are qualified for the job. The opinion from the Attorney General’s office is

Johnny Isakson and I Have Something in Common

And it’s not that we both like Donald Trump. Last week, I participated in a panel discussion as part of the Cobb Opportunity Outlook sponsored by the Council for Quality Growth. At the event, three different panels of policymakers, developers, and elected officials from across Cobb discussed how to maximize collaboration, communication, and connectivity in

After Bungling Public Trust With Voters’ Data, Kemp Says Trust Me This Time

Georgia’s election databases are not at risk of being hacked, even after Arizona and Illinois suffered data breaches, according to the man in charge of the office that inadvertently leaked 6.2 million Georgians’ voter information. Despite the growing warning signs and several high-profile missteps at the Secretary of State’s office, Brian Kemp wants you, dear