Trump Campaign Adds Georgia Staff

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is not only adding key staffers at the national level, it is beefing up its presence in Georgia. Brandon Phillips, Trump’s Georgia State Director, announced that Jennifer Hazelton will serve as Communications Director in Georgia, while Billy Kirkland will serve as the Senior Adviser for the Georgia Trump Pence campaign. Phillips

California, We Are Coming For You

According to a new report, the Golden Coast doesn’t have much on the Peach State when it comes to attracting business. Spectrum Location Solutions found that there have been up to 10,000 business disinvestments from the state of California since 2008 and Georgia has absorbed a good chunk of them. Georgia was ranked 8th in

Morning Reads for 8.17.16

This is your witty intro fro the day. “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory” by Johnny Thunders. Congressman Lewis’ graphic novel(s) dominates New York Times Bestsellers List. Fawning coverage of the series from London’s The Guardian back to the Times. Isakson says there’s possibly lots of support for north Fulton MARTA expansion.  Atlanta, Sam Nunn and

Sen. Perdue Maintains His Support of Donald Trump, and Says Georgia Remains a Red State

Senator David Perdue is holding fast to his endorsement of Donald Trump for President in the November elections, despite calls by some to rescind his support. In a wide-ranging interview with the media Tuesday morning, Perdue said that the New York businessman is connecting with the voters who are tired of the way things are

Trump’s Agricultural Advisory Committee Includes Prominent Georgians

Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump announced the formation of his agricultural advisory committee today. Three Georgians are members of the committee, including Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, former Governor Sonny Perdue, and State Senate Chairman of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs John Wilkinson. In a statement, Trump said, The members of my agricultural advisory committee

A Long Way To Go On Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture just might be the most anodyne name ever concocted for an outrageous government practice. Maybe if we started calling “letting law enforcement steal your money and stuff” people might pay attention to it. The practice is used by law enforcement to take property from a person if they think it is connected