Abrams’ Blue Wave

It feels like 2012 in Georgia!  #YesWeCan!  There is #hope and #change in the atmosphere. The excitement and energy surrounding the possible historic election of Stacey Abrams is electric. 

 In 2012, new voters were energized, turn out among existing voters increased, and everyone did a little more to secure the President’s win.  Stacey Abrams is leading a positive and uplifting campaign that has focused on common people issues since day one.  That positive campaign has led to the same turn out in new voters and hard work by progressives in 2018.  The results of that type of campaign was highlighted by the impromptu visit by Queen Oprah. 

Just like Obama, people are supporting Abrams for a variety of reasons.  For the true-blue Democrats, Abrams stayed true to the Democratic Party principles.  Although she highlighted her ability to work across the aisle, she stood firm on ensuring equality, access, and fairness for all Georgians. 

There are also two separate identified groups – African Americans and women who personally feel the need for the historic value of Abrams’ election.  As both the first woman and first African American, there are Georgians who want to bring a bit more diversity in thought to the Governor’s mansion.

I imagine there are independent voters with a variety of interest in Abrams.  She is a highly educated, highly experienced, and has a true plan for Georgia’s growth.  The two candidates couldn’t be more different and current polls show Abrams is winning out with those who identify as independent.

Win or lose, Abrams has brought the #BlueWave to Georgia in a way no other Democrat in recent years has done! Abrams has brought Democrats hope that there can be change!

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