Author: George Chidi

The Year of the (Black) Woman?

A handful of Democratic candidates who lost primaries a couple of weeks ago are not handling defeat with stately reserve. If it were one or two, I’d dismiss it. But there’s a trend. Though the ballots have been counted, some Black women not named Stacey Abrams aren’t quite done campaigning. Black women are the key

Steve Henson vs. Reality Television

I snatch Coke Zero out of State Sen. Steve Henson’s fridge when I visit the capitol, and he hasn’t thrown me out of his office yet, which I find oddly gratifying. I generally drop in when something dumb is happening in DeKalb – a corruption issue here, an incorporation issue there – to offer the

Why Nazi Scum Has Come To Newnan

So. We’re going to have Nazis next week. They’re rallying in Newnan next Saturday. They have a permit, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. to stand in Greenville Street Park and sieg heil behind barricades. This follows some dead-of-the-night flyer drops in Gwinnett County neighborhoods and elsewhere by the ethnofascist Patriot Front, an offshoot of

AG To Lying Spokespeople: Spin This

pil·lo·ry (pilərē) historical 1. noun: a wooden framework with holes for the head and hands, in which an offender was imprisoned and exposed to public abuse.  2. verb: put (someone) in the pillory. 3. verb: to attack or ridicule publicly. The Atlanta press corps had a chuckle a couple of days ago when text messages from the city’s former water department spokesperson

Yes, The Mayor’s Spokesperson Lied To You

Kasim Reed, former mayor of Atlanta, has a reputation for interpersonal hostility, and that has little enough to do with his press release game. I have been told stories of tirades by staffers, by other journalists and by other politicians. I have personally heard him screaming at people who rubbed him the wrong way (looking

Delta Doesn’t Need The Tax Break

Suddenly, Democrats are defending an obscene government tax subsidy for a corporation that doesn’t actually need the tax break, because a Republican wants to punish the firm for ideological noncompliance. You’re getting played. I’d like you all to consider the possibility that, in light of the major tax changes at the federal level this year,

A Death On The Street

“Bushwick died!” The guy standing on the stoop at the Five Points convenience store whispered, almost, which itself is remarkable. The raucous, ridiculous plaza bears no whispers. People shout in Asher Square. It’s next to a subway station, and freight train tracks, and traffic on three sides. It’s made for shouting, and for shouters. The

A Black Voter’s Case For Mary Norwood

My Facebook feed filled up over the weekend with memes attacking Mary Norwood, which shouldn’t be shocking given the stakes in Atlanta. A tape recorded conversation emerged about her appointment to the board of elections by the Republican Party. A meme screamed that she voted for Republicans all of 12 times, with no mention of