Author: George Chidi

The Georgia Connection to Charlottesville Violence

Let’s talk about Alex Michael Ramos, State Sen. Michael Williams, and violence. Ramos is the guy on the far right of the now-famous picture of the III% Security Force with Williams at an anti-sharia protest at Piedmont Park in June. He was also recorded at the Charlottesville rally beating counterprotesters. Ramos attacked Deandre Harris with others.

They Can’t Kill Us All.

An old friend from my time in the Army posted some drivel this morning from Infowars, claiming somehow that counterprotesters in Charlottesville started the violence over the weekend. It led to yet another tired argument about the right to protest and how the urge on the American Left to suppress unwanted speech is just like the Nazi

R. Kelly, Pariah In Concert

Kenyette Barnes and I were talking across my dinner table about the enduring, evolving icky horror of R. Kelly a couple of weeks ago, as her young son wrestled with a video game in the next room. She was wondering if she could raise the necessary bail money to stage a barn-burning protest of his upcoming

Antica Posta And The Alt-Right Renaissance

Antica Posta, a Buckhead restaurant of some renown, hosted a famous holocaust denier and white supremacist on a speaking tour last week. In another time, this wouldn’t really be news. Racists eat every day. Some of them eat well. But this made the news, because one of the servers at the restaurant posted a tearfully-written

The Battle of Pleasantdale

Polls on the 6th congressional district race have been within the margin of error for a month now, more or less. Most show Jon Ossoff holding a small lead over Karen Handel. By my understanding of statistical math, that means Ossoff is probably ahead, perhaps by 2500 to 5000 votes on 230,000 to 250,000 cast.