Author: George Chidi

The Battle of Pleasantdale

Polls on the 6th congressional district race have been within the margin of error for a month now, more or less. Most show Jon Ossoff holding a small lead over Karen Handel. By my understanding of statistical math, that means Ossoff is probably ahead, perhaps by 2500 to 5000 votes on 230,000 to 250,000 cast.

Sheriff Mann Will Get Off

I am forced by circumstances to compare Sheriff Jeffrey Mann of DeKalb with another local sheriff who found himself facing public ignominy: Victor Hill. As we hear calls for Mann to resign in the wake of an embarrassing arrest in Piedmont Park, it’s probably instructive to remember that two years and a week ago Hill

The Road Less Traveled

The opening of the northbound half of I-85 a mere six weeks after its collapse merits a word or two of praise. I’ve held the engineering staff of the Georgia Department of Transportation in high regard, an impression I first formed more than 10 years ago. I spent many days covering the construction of the crazy

Identity Games at Atlanta United

I walked into the cheering section of Bobby Dodd stadium Sunday for the Atlanta United game with Lil’ Yachty on my mind. Someone brought a flag with a giant Yachty head on it to the last game, a stylized emoji silhouette with the teenage Atlanta rapper’s bright red braids behind goal. I stood, agog, looking

Hell Burns Hotter Than The I-85 Fire

A reporter asked Georgia Department of Transportation commissioner Russell McMurry if the homeless guy charged with arson, Basil Eleby, is a scapegoat. “I won’t speculate on what people call the person who caused this fire,” McMurry said. Note the phrasing. Eleby caused the fire. Not GDOT. GDOT did nothing wrong. That’s the line. When the