Author: George Chidi

Lime Sours On Atlanta

The “last mile connectivity solution” has reached the last mile in Atlanta. Neutron Holdings, Inc. which does business under the name Lime, is withdrawing its scooters from the Atlanta market, among others, the firm announced in a statement Wednesday. Lime’s withdrawal comes in the name of pursuit of profitability, the firm’s CEO Brad Bao said.

John Lewis Fights Cancer

U.S. Rep. John Lewis, 33-year member of Congress for Atlanta and stalwart of the civil rights movement, has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, the AJC and others reported Sunday evening. “I have been in some kind of fight – for freedom, equality, basic human rights – for nearly my entire life. I have

The Politics of Freezing To Death

Atlanta released a report that appears to show a major increase in hypothermia deaths over the last year. Everyone has an opinion about what is happening here. Some of those opinions are even informed. The short answer is that I think the report may simply be wrong. It’s also entirely possible that I am wrong.

The Ethics Referendum is a Trick. Vote No.

Today is a test of our civic broadcasting system. It’s election day. There’s a ballot initiative to change the ethics board system in DeKalb County. Almost every civic organization that has been working on ethics issues and has looked at this referendum has recommended voting against it. Public commentary in the media has been overwhelmingly

Morning Reads – Tuesday, August 20

This is my first time giving the craic in years, which means I’m bound to make a mess. Also, I’m not Scottish, for which I blame others. Let us use obscure idioms today. What’s the Skinny It’s Tuesday, which means Donald Trump has changed his mind again on gun control. CNN has Joe Biden up

Mary Norwood Hasn’t Stopped Falling

It was hard not to sympathize with Mary Norwood, once. She’s been making it easier though. Saturday morning, Norwood posted a purported list of Atlanta street gangs, which immediately went viral through her well-networked list of Facebook friends. The list, not to put too fine a point on it, is hilariously wrong. (EDIT: Mary changed

The Scooter Ban Is Coming

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued an executive order today barring the city from accepting new permit applications from scooter companies, pending an August 5 council meeting where more permanent actions is expected. The order comes a week after a CobbLinc bus ran over and killed 37-year-old William Alexander in Midtown, while he was on

Remembering DeKalb’s Jim McMahan

I say this with love in my heart: there are a small number of people I can blame for drawing me into politics and public policy in DeKalb, for convincing me that it would be worth it. We lost one of them today. Jim McMahan, a former school board member, died in a boating accident