Morning Reads – Tuesday, August 20

This is my first time giving the craic in years, which means I’m bound to make a mess. Also, I’m not Scottish, for which I blame others. Let us use obscure idioms today.

What’s the Skinny

Spilling the Tea.


Advocates for cash bail reforms took to the Atlanta city council podium yesterday, concerned that councilman Michael Julian Bond was going to offer legislation to reinstate cash bail for minor offense. Bond strenuously denied the claim, though he didn’t rule out the possibility for later.

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Not ICE, people. Sheesh.

No, people. These are NOT ICE agents at Five Points. This picture started a viral rumor of an ICE raid downtown yesterday. These guys are a Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response Team from the TSA. They hang out at Five Points from time to time because there’s some value in knowing what passes for normal there in case they’re called out for something that’s truly weird. Condition yellow, team. Carry on.


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