Author: Edward Lindsey

Roger Williams — Rest in Peace

Roger Williams past away this week after a lifetime of public service to his country, community, and the State of Georgia.  In 1963, he moved to Dalton, Georgia after having served in the Army as a Captain.  He quickly became a leader in his community and was first elected to the Georgia House of Representatives

“Ask Mickey”

Rest In Peace Mickey Channell Harry Truman once famously said, “A statesman is a politician who’s been dead 10 or 15 years.”  Truman never met a man like Mickey Channell – because Mickey was always a statesman.  A native of rural Georgia who proudly wore his allegiance to the University of Georgia as a badge of honor, Representative Mickey Channell came

Representative John Meadows — Rest In Peace

State Representative John Meadows passed away last night after a heroic fight against stomach cancer. He had a distinguished career of public service including serving in the Marine Corp, 13 years as the Mayor of Calhoun, 14 years as a state representative, and 8 years as the Chair of the powerful Georgia House Rules Committee.

My Georgia Candidates? Part 3. Key Atlanta Area Legislative Races: Millar, Aldridge, Beskin, Silcox, Hanson, Bentley, Kaufman, and Wright

At the end of the day, public policy in Georgia is set by the Georgia General Assembly on the critical issues facing our state and communities’ future, including issues of transportation, education, crime,  tax fairness, and economic development. Being an inside the perimeter Republican let me discuss eight critical races and why I believe it

9/11 and the Last Ordinary Day

Where was I on that morning 17 years ago? I was headed to California for a routine business meeting. My children that day were in an unusually good mood for a Tuesday morning school day when I woke them early to say good bye. The sky was brilliant blue without a cloud to be seen.

John McCain: The Man in the Arena

John McCain stood up for what he thought was right no matter the consequences. It takes strength to battle with political opponents but real courage to tell a friend or usual ally that they are wrong. We don’t see that enough in our public servants but John McCain exemplified Theodore Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena as

Go Vote and Bring a Friend Along

Imagine picking up the newspaper – or turning on the computer if you are under 60 — and reading about a society that had abandoned the principle of majority rule and instead allowed less than 20% of its adult citizens to pick its political leaders. Where do you think this society would be located? The Middle