Author: Edward Lindsey

RIP Representative Burke Day

Coastal Georgia and our entire state lost a good man this weekend. Retired Rep. Burke Day died at his home on Tybee Island at the age of 62. Burke served on the Tybee Island City Council from 1991 to 1994 and then in the Georgia House of Representatives for 16 years until he retired in

Vote Yes for the Opportunity School District Constitutional Amendment — It’s About Accountability

Television ads are running throughout Georgia trying to scare voters into voting against the proposed Opportunity School District (“OSD”) Constitutional Amendment, an education reform proposal desperately needed in our state. These scare tactics by advocates of the status quo failed before in 2012 when Georgians overwhelmingly supported the State Charter School Amendment, and we need

Which Political Party Will Shape Georgia’s Future? — Republicans But Only If They Choose to Govern Well

The AJC’s Political Insider article yesterday, Kasim Reed to Democrats: Demographics alone won’t turn Georgia, also contains a message for the Georgia Republican Party in this time of political turmoil – govern well and expand your base or your days are numbered. Both political parties in Georgia are far too dependent on differing racial, religious,

A Memorial Day Weekend Remembrance

In December, 1862, with the end of the Civil War nowhere in sight, President Abraham Lincoln in his second annual message to Congress stated succinctly what was at risk in that war’s outcome: “We shall nobly save or meanly lose the last best hope of Earth.”  Since that time until this very day, we have