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Our Thoughts And Prayers

This week’s Courier Herald column: Our thoughts and prayers are extended to those affected by the shootings in Las Vegas… Our thoughts and prayers with the victims of the New York City terrorist attack… Our thoughts and prayers are with the congregation of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Texas and the entire community of

Jon Ossoff, Jared Kushner, And A Disgusting Anti-Semite Running For Congress

Jon Ossoff, a liberal Democratic candidate for Congress, would be Jared Kushner’s puppet because they’re both Jewish according to one Republican opponent. Of course that’s not exactly what Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan wrote, but that’s exactly what he implied. Between grammatical errors and misspellings, Bhuiyan took his antisemitism to a new level in the quest to

Scam PAC + HuffPo = Fake News

This post is about political targets of opportunity. Many people outside the system believe the left and right oppose each other all the time. Politics, unfortunately, runs by a self-serving principle (and principal) too often. As such, elements from polar opposites of the political divide can unite when they see the potential to advance their

New Year, New Resolve

This week’s Courier Herald column: As our new year begins in Georgia, political optimism for many is fueled by the fact that a state governed by Republicans now has a White House and Congress controlled by Republicans. Well, optimism for many Republicans anyway. More than a few Democrats are still somewhere between pretending 2016 was

Defining the Terms of the Religious Liberty Debate

After Governor Deal vetoed the Free Exercise Protection Act last spring, There has been lots of speculation over whether “religious liberty” legislation would be a factor in the upcoming 2017 legislative session. That speculation grew more heated after House Speaker David Ralston wondered in an interview with Bill Nigut and Jim Galloway if the issue

November’s Election Impacts January’s Legislature

This week’s Courier Herald column: With the calendar now having turned to December, we’re roughly half way between last month’s election and next month’s “governing”. An Inauguration is on tap for Friday, January 20th. Congress and the Georgia legislature will begin legislative duties a couple of weeks earlier. While the professional political class and most

Georgia Republicans and the Urban – Rural Divide

Over the weekend, Dunwoody’s Reporter Newspapers published a post mortem on the 2016 elections, featuring comments from Senator Fran Millar and State Rep. Tom Taylor, who represent the area, along with Oglethorpe University political professor Joseph Knippenberg. The theme of the story as expressed in both the headline and the lede was that Georgia Republicans