GAGOP First Vice Chair Race Heats Up

Internet personality Michael Strollo of Cumming, Georgia, former Chairman of the Georgia Teenage Republicans, announced his candidacy for First Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. He boasts his experience in the United States National Guard and his 50,000 Twitter followers as the foundations of what he seeks to achieve if elected.

His political experience includes Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign and the Stand for Principle super PAC.

Stollo promised to overhaul the party budget and fundraise

“There is no turning a blind eye, Georgia is transitioning. We’re shifting to become a blue state. The party is not growing and neither is its bank account. When elected, my first act will be to work with our executive committee to overhaul the party budget and cut wasteful spending. Fundraising and financing go hand-in-hand. We all have budgets and there is no reason the party shouldn’t have one as well.”

Strollo faces fellow Cumming resident and former Forsyth County GOP Chairman Carolyn Fisher. The Forsyth County GOP passed a resolution last Saturday at their county convention endorsing Fisher for the First Vice Chairman position.

The Strollo family is no stranger to Georgia Republican Party politics. Last year, Strollo’s aunt, Maria Strollo-Zack, ran for National Committee Woman. She was defeated by Ginger Howard on the second ballot.

Morning Reads — Monday, March 20

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Amy Kremer’s Campaign Staff Quits

Amy Kremer, a Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 6th district and a person with whom I share no relation, has a little problem. Her entire campaign staff quit. But why? Because of another little problem: She isn’t raising enough money to have a campaign staff.

Her former campaign manager sent out the following press release

The entire campaign staff of GA 6th District Congressional candidate and former Tea Party Express CEO Amy Kremer has resigned over Kremer’s inability to raise funds and failure to pay her staff and operating bills, including campaign vendors.

Ms. Kremer had only raised $2,500 through the first month despite placing 4th among Republican candidates in a recent poll.

This is yet another setback for Ms. Kremer whose previous venture, Women Vote Trump Pac, raised only $28,000 of its $30 million goal.


Yikes. Anyway, 32 days until the madness is over.

Morning Reads — March 13, 2017

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The following bills will be on the Senate floor on MONDAY,MARCH 13:

  • HB 41 – Architects; allow certain students to take examination; change qualifications (RI&U-27th) Harrell-106th
  • HB 260 – Special license plates; Georgia Electric Membership Corporation; establish (RI&U-51st) Powell-32nd

Morning Reads — Feb 27

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The following bills will be on the Senate floor on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27:

  • SB 201 – Labor and Industrial Relations; employees to use sick leave for the care of immediate family members; allow (Substitute) (I&L-49th)
  • SB 133 – Corporate Net Worth Tax; less than a certain amount; make such tax inapplicable to corporations (FIN-20th)
  • SB 121 – “Jeffrey Dallas Gay, Jr., Act” (H&HS-49th)
  • SB 156 – Sales and Use Taxes; equalized homestead option sales and use taxes; provide certain restrictions (Amendment) (FIN-40th)

Certificate Of Need Reform Has A Hearing Today

Georgia’s Certificate of Need (CON) law could receive a face lift this session as legislators debate SB 158. The bill introduced by Senator Watson has a hearing in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee this afternoon.

Georgia’s CON law is fairly restrictive. While the federal government repealed its CON law in 1986, prompting 15 states to repeal theirs, Georgia has protected our law with a vigor. While healthcare has changed, the state’s CON law has not. It’s time to modernize the law to keep up with the rapidly changing healthcare field and to create a free-market approach to healthcare.

First, let me say this: SB 158 does not eliminate CON. The legislation brings Georgia’s CON into the 21st century by lowering costs, expanding emergency care, spurring hospital investment, and attracting doctors to Georgia. It makes no sense to protect a law that discourages hospitals from investing in better facilities and new medical technologies. Georgia is a world class state; our hospitals should reflect that.

Another myth that should be dispelled is that this reform will harm rural hospitals. SB 158 removes any possibility that changes in this legislation threaten struggling rural hospitals. If a county is served by a single hospital with fewer than 100 beds, then that hospital would be protected by CON. Again, this legislation is about common sense solutions.

We’ve seen what the free-market can accomplish when people are empowered to make their own decisions. Healthcare is no exception. When people are given more options with better doctors and better facilities, we’ll see healthcare change in the patient’s favor. It’s common sense.


Cobb County GOP Chairman Race Just Got More Interesting

We received an email in our tipline promoting a website titled “Shepherding The Truth”. Its mission is to supposedly expose Jason Shepherd as the “wolf among sheep.” The blogger wrote in one post,

At the caucuses, Cobb GOP Chairwoman Rose Wing, who also announced her intention to seek a 2nd term, distributed literature which touted about 250,000 calls or something like that. A big number, not a one Jason himself contributed (more on that at a later date), but one Jason said didn’t matter because “…down in Coweta County which is much smarter-smaller-than us (yeah, we caught that too Jason) they did 120,000 calls in one week for Mike Crane’s campaign alone…”

We don’t know if Shepherd indeed said these things, or whether the numbers bandied about are true, but these unverified claims have brought attention to the race.

The blog later points out that Crane was running in a Republican primary and questioned why the Coweta GOP organized a phone bank for a Republican primary candidate.

Cobb County is perhaps the epicenter of Trump backlash against Republicans. The reliably Republican county voted for Hillary over Trump in November and now Trump’s supporters are pinning the blame on the GOP Establishment. Electing Shepherd is their first priority.

We will see how strongly the backlash materializes next month at the Cobb GOP County Convention. Rose Wing, the incumbent chairman, is running against Jason Shepherd, the candidate Trump loyalists are rallying behind. This isn’t Shepherd’s first time to run for a Cobb GOP executive committee position. He was previously defeated by Wing.


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Morning Reads — Sick Edition

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