Author: Will Kremer

Monday Morning Reads — January 15

Happy Monday, everyone! 11 events – around Atlanta honoring MLK. Bring a jacket! $11 billion – Ford is increasing its investment in electric vehicles by 2022. Previously they had committed $4.5 billion by 2020. 1 year later – The Trump family has acclimated to DC living and political theater. From an independent First Lady to

Monday Morning Reads — SESSION!

Happy Monday, everyone! Happy session! If you’re unwell (like I am) and are going to session, hit me up. News by the Numbers 40 Days – Will the upcoming legislative session be dominated with election year antics? Speaker Ralston doesn’t seem pleased with that idea. The senate, though, will be a circus. 1/10th of ice

Monday Morning Reads — December 18, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone! Leave your thoughts on Star Wars in the comments section. Preface any spoilers for our fellow readers who haven’t watched it. News by the Numbers 20 (or 70) people – witnessed what the Free Times Press called “A weekend at the Catoosa County Film Festival” which included, but is not limited to,

Monday Morning Reads — December 11

Happy Monday, everybody! Let’s jump into it like it’s a pile of snow. News by the Numbers 77 percent – of evangelicals believe their religious freedom is becoming more restricted. We are witnessing a change in their tactics. Whereas they once fought against same-sex marriage and its impact on our culture, they are now using

Monday Morning Reads — December 4

Happy Monday, everybody! How in the world is it already December? News by the Numbers $69 billion – CVS agreed to buy Aetna for a hefty price in a move that will alter healthcare and has the potential to lower healthcare costs. Imagine the 9,700 CVS stores evolving into local clinics. 70 percent – Of

Morning Reads — November 27

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It’s not too late to join a gym. News by the Numbers $6.6 billion – Did you miss Black Friday deals? Fret not, Cyber Monday is upon us. We are expected to spend over $6 billion today on deals. 1 pound – That’s the average