Author: Will Kremer

Monday Morning Reads — July 16

Happy Monday, everyone! Most importantly, Happy Birthday Week to me! France defeated Croatia to win the World Cup. Trump is meeting with Putin today. CNN is covering it. America is like, putting tariffs on China and they’re totally bugging so they’re placing more tariffs and Europe is like, guys stop! Atlanta’s underground cosplay culture. Cagle

Monday Morning Reads — July 9

Happy Monday, everyone! As literally everyone on God’s green earth predicted, the GOP Governor runoff is less than pleasant. Trump will own the libs today. North Korea’s latest actions during Secretary Pompeo’s trip is evidence that the rogue country is back to their typical games. Four teenagers stuck in a cave in Thailand are rescued.

Monday Morning Reads — June 25

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Certainly not worthy of top billing, but I’d like to remind everyone that this Clueless monologue exists. “The children who were forcibly separated from their parents at the border by the United States government are all over the country now, in Michigan and Maryland, in

Monday Morning Reads – June 18

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a relaxing weekend. As silly as this sounds, I agree with that video game addiction is real. Know your fireworks law. Also, don’t be a jerk on July 4th. Jackson Street Bridge has long been a meeting ground for suburban whites and tacky tourists. Now they’ll have a

Monday Morning Reads — June 11

Happy Monday, everyone! Last weekend’s G-7 meeting didn’t go exactly as planned. President Trump left our allies dismayed and, well, pissed. The Failing New York Times does a great job of explaining the motivation behind Trump’s trade actions. Casey Cagle released his latest television advertisement. Two people sent this link to me, so here you

Monday Morning Reads – June 4

Happy Monday, everyone! President Trump’s trade policies could unravel decades of precedence. The world thinks he’s blowing trade up, but Trump and his team believe they’re saving the rules-based trading system. Speaking of tariffs, Congressman Karen Handel broke with President Trump and announced her opposition to his tariffs on steel and aluminum. Here is a

Monday Morning Reads — May 28

Happy Monday everyone! Also, Happy Memorial Day!   Please read this. Also, read this: Stop with the "Memorial Day is not just a three day weekend to bbq and party." I'm a combat vet.I've lost buddies.I've attended too many memorial services. I will honor them. By grilling steaks and drinking beers with family and friends.

Monday Morning Reads – May 14

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s the last week before Election Day, and shenanigans will run amuck. Brace yourselves. News by the Numbers 2020 aspirations – Potential 2020 presidential candidate Senator Harris traveled from California to Atlanta after endorsing Stacey Abrams’ campaign for the Democrat nomination. Certainly, she’s attempting to build goodwill among Georgia’s progressive voters. 200,000 votes short

Monday Morning Reads – May 7

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m changing my format for the next few weeks. We will return to normal soon! Take a look into Melania Trump’s world. Lobbyist spending reports have come out and they’re better than last year (maybe)! …hey guys, so this is happening. Denis O’Hayer is retiring. That’s a huge loss to Georgia politics.

Monday Morning Reads – April 30

Happy Monday, everyone! News By The Numbers 3 Presidents – …and one toilet for your career. Ronnie Jackson is resigning after a tough couple of weeks. $14 million – Opposition to the city of Eagles Landing is gaining strength as Governor Deal decides whether to signing it or veto it. Capital One Public Funding has