Morning Reads – Monday, April 17

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.




New #GA06 Poll Shows Expensive Bloodbath For Third Place

A poll released this morning by FOX5/Opinion Savvy shows exactly what everyone expected: A bloodbath among the candidates for third place. Fox5/Opinion Savvy polled 437 likely voters with a MOE of 4.6%. Election Day is next Tuesday (4 days away!) so let’s take a moment to dissect this poll. Continue reading “New #GA06 Poll Shows Expensive Bloodbath For Third Place”

Jon Ossoff, Jared Kushner, And A Disgusting Anti-Semite Running For Congress

Jon Ossoff, a liberal Democratic candidate for Congress, would be Jared Kushner’s puppet because they’re both Jewish according to one Republican opponent.

Of course that’s not exactly what Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan wrote, but that’s exactly what he implied. Between grammatical errors and misspellings, Bhuiyan took his antisemitism to a new level in the quest to set himself apart from his 17 opponents.

This is what he wrote on his campaign Facebook page:

Dear Friends:

Some of you said that you wanted to send a message to Washington. Don’t you think that you can send the biggest message to Washington by sending a Brown, South Asian and a Muslim Ameriacn Congressman? Just think of the mangnitude of the impact that you can have. This will giive hope and strength to all of us.

I am not affriad of standing up to anyone.

As you know, Jon Ossoff (an Orthodox Jew) has already accepted millions from special interest groups and will be under the control of Jared Kushner (Trump’s Son-in-Law) and in turn under the control of Donald Trump.

Please vote for Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan today.

This isn’t where Bhuiyan’s antisemitism started.

Continue reading “Jon Ossoff, Jared Kushner, And A Disgusting Anti-Semite Running For Congress”

Morning Reads — Monday, April 10

Happy Monday, everyone! I started binge watching Grey’s Anatomy last night. It’s a shame I waited all these years to start watching it.



Pence Adviser Nick Ayers May Run For Governor

Nick Ayers, a top adviser to Vice President Mike Pence and an alum of Governor Perdue’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign, is eyeballing a run for governor according to POLITICO. The 34 year old is certainly a veteran of Republican politics.

He reportedly has a meeting with Trump administration officials to discuss his future. As of now he is a top adviser and fundraiser for the pro-Trump nonprofit America First Policies.

He will join what is sure to be a crowded field. Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced last week that he is running for the top spot. Kemp, and potentially Ayers, will more than likely be joined by Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, Congressman Jack Kingston and Congressman Lynn Westmoreland. Speaker David Ralston is also floating trial balloons.

Ayers jumping into the 2018 gubernatorial election is sure to shake up the field. Whispers are floating around that Senator Michael Williams, the first elected official in Georgia to endorse Trump, is running for governor. The two will undoubtedly stake out their claims to  the coveted spot of “Trump’s candidate.”

Let the fun begin.

Morning Reads – Late Because Of Talented Writers Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! You heard it here first: It’s going to rain. My apologies for the late Morning Reads. You can blame talented writers like George.




This Liberal Is A Hypocrite

Admittedly I haven’t paid full attention to Session over the last few weeks (or months, actually) but one bill, House Bill 280, has justifiably caught statewide attention. House Bill 280 is Campus Carry. As you may recall, Governor Deal vetoed Campus Carry last year citing concerns that the legislation was too broad.

Campus Carry is a divisive issue by nature. 2nd Amendment supporters and opponents often clash over the smallest of issues, but now we’re talking about placing guns in university buildings. As such, emotions run high.

Responses to the Georgia General Assembly passing another Campus Carry bill on the anti-gun side have ranged from disappointment to rage, but here is one response that struck me as more than unacceptable: Continue reading “This Liberal Is A Hypocrite”

Morning Reads – Monday, March 27

It’s with a heavy heart that I wish everyone a happy Monday. Despite the gloomy storm we at GeorgiaPol are withstanding, the show must go on. Jon pumped his heart and mind into keeping you informed on Georgia’s political happenings. It’s with that in mind that we will strive to do better.




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GAGOP First Vice Chair Race Heats Up

Internet personality Michael Strollo of Cumming, Georgia, former Chairman of the Georgia Teenage Republicans, announced his candidacy for First Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. He boasts his experience in the United States National Guard and his 50,000 Twitter followers as the foundations of what he seeks to achieve if elected.

His political experience includes Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign and the Stand for Principle super PAC.

Stollo promised to overhaul the party budget and fundraise

“There is no turning a blind eye, Georgia is transitioning. We’re shifting to become a blue state. The party is not growing and neither is its bank account. When elected, my first act will be to work with our executive committee to overhaul the party budget and cut wasteful spending. Fundraising and financing go hand-in-hand. We all have budgets and there is no reason the party shouldn’t have one as well.”

Strollo faces fellow Cumming resident and former Forsyth County GOP Chairman Carolyn Fisher. The Forsyth County GOP passed a resolution last Saturday at their county convention endorsing Fisher for the First Vice Chairman position.

The Strollo family is no stranger to Georgia Republican Party politics. Last year, Strollo’s aunt, Maria Strollo-Zack, ran for National Committee Woman. She was defeated by Ginger Howard on the second ballot.

Morning Reads — Monday, March 20

Happy Monday, y’all. I hope your liver is sufficiently recovered from then weekend’s shenanigans. Your dignity, well, that’s probably long gone.