Jon Ossoff, Jared Kushner, And A Disgusting Anti-Semite Running For Congress

Jon Ossoff, a liberal Democratic candidate for Congress, would be Jared Kushner’s puppet because they’re both Jewish according to one Republican opponent.

Of course that’s not exactly what Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan wrote, but that’s exactly what he implied. Between grammatical errors and misspellings, Bhuiyan took his antisemitism to a new level in the quest to set himself apart from his 17 opponents.

This is what he wrote on his campaign Facebook page:

Dear Friends:

Some of you said that you wanted to send a message to Washington. Don’t you think that you can send the biggest message to Washington by sending a Brown, South Asian and a Muslim Ameriacn Congressman? Just think of the mangnitude of the impact that you can have. This will giive hope and strength to all of us.

I am not affriad of standing up to anyone.

As you know, Jon Ossoff (an Orthodox Jew) has already accepted millions from special interest groups and will be under the control of Jared Kushner (Trump’s Son-in-Law) and in turn under the control of Donald Trump.

Please vote for Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan today.

This isn’t where Bhuiyan’s antisemitism started.

During the April 9 candidate forum, Bhuiyan accused AJC reporter Greg Bluestein of not covering his campaign more because Bluestein works for a “Jewish-owned newspaper.” Nevermind the fact Bhuiyan is polling at roughly 19 out of 18 candidates.

However, despite his antisemitism, Mic posted a video yesterday praising Bhuiyan for standing up against Islamophobia. The video depicts Bhuiyan as a fighter against extremism in all religions including his own, though reality shows he dislikes the idea of a Jewish congressman for no reason other than his religion. That’s extreme.

In conclusion, it’s stupid that I’m having to write a post about rampant antisemitism from a congressional candidate. Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan, you’re disgusting.


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