Category: Moments of Personal Privilege

Happy Birthday Ginny!

It’s Ginny’s birthday. It’s also Obi’s Sister’s birthday. When we changed names from the old site, so did she. She’s still the same person that I once bonded with over a love for southern diners (we miss Carver’s) and occasional political talk. She’s a great wife to a pastor that doesn’t often get to express

Nathan Is Now A Proud Papa

Finally some good news to report from our personal/personnel ranks. In the wee hours of this morning, Nathan and his wife Samantha finished about 48 hours of labor to bring their first child, Lucas, into this world. Young Nathan is now a father. He’ll be a great one. The vitals: 7 pounds, 12 ounces. Born

Happy Birthday Teri

Facebook tells me it is the birthday of our favorite Junior Leaguer turned City Councilwoman turned political writer Teri Anulewicz.  She’s the one of us that reads the New York Times and Listens to NPR to come up with Tuesday’s Morning Reads.  She does this sometimes while ironing her children’s shoelaces or sending thank you

Happy Birthday Jessica

You all know her. If you’ve been reading here long enough, she’s probably written something that upset you. You may have even thought her self-imposed exile to South Georgia would have provided a reprieve, but then she just keeps showing up at the Capitol or here or on Fox-5, like it or not. Today is