Happy Birthday Ed Lindsey

Facebook tells me today is the birthday of Ed Lindsey. Before we get into municipal runoffs, let’s give him the shout out he deserves.

I first got to know Ed when he was the Minority Whip. Few people appreciate what it meant for a Republican who lives deep within the Perimeter to win the trust of colleagues who view all things ITP with great skepticism. It takes someone like him – a pragmatic statesman dedicated to solving problems – to win that position. He served his constituents and his colleagues well.

A few years ago he decided to make a run for Congress. Convincing voters in Cherokee and Bartow Counties that someone from Atlanta was one of them proved a bit more difficult in the short time of a GOP primary. Ed didn’t win, but he’s remained active. He ended up working on a transportation study committee that ultimately led to HB 170, breaking a logjam on the ability to address traffic jams. As his ads said, “Ed delivers”.

These days, he’s now at the mega firm Dentons, and is a credit to the profession of lobbying. It’s a different form of involvement in the process, but one that he’s perfectly suited for. I’m proud to continue to call him a friend, contributor, board member, and all around good guy.

Y’all wish him the appropriate happy birthday he deserves.


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