Thank You, Governor Miller

I am a product of the University System of Georgia.  I was also a HOPE Scholar.  The HOPE Scholarship was a major factor in being able to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems from Dalton State College in May 2009.

I never had the opportunity to meet Governor Zell Miller, but his leadership affected my life, as well as countless other Georgians, directly.  Would have I gone to college without the HOPE program?  Absolutely, but the Scholarship made the dream of earning my degree eased a lot of the financial burden off of my family.  I’m sure I’m not alone, and I’m sure that there were a lot of people who would have not darkened the door of higher education without the financial assistance of the Scholarship.

An entire generation has benefited from Governor Miller’s vision to make higher education a bit closer, and I believe his legacy has greatly contributed to Georgia’s standing as a top state for business.  My generation who were HOPE Scholars owe him a debt of gratitude.

Thank you, Governor Miller.  May you rest in peace while your legacy lives on.

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