Happy Birthday Ginny!

It’s Ginny’s birthday. It’s also Obi’s Sister’s birthday. When we changed names from the old site, so did she.

She’s still the same person that I once bonded with over a love for southern diners (we miss Carver’s) and occasional political talk. She’s a great wife to a pastor that doesn’t often get to express her opinion in public, except here (so y’all don’t rat her out, OK?). She’s a loving mother of two great kids who seem to have grown up since we originally met. And she’s a daughter to a mother that appreciates all she does for her, even on the days when she can’t show it.

She’s a great person, and should have a great day today. After all, you only get to have a birthday with a zero at the end of your age every 10 years.

Happy “30th” Ginny!


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