Be a Secret Santa for Georgia’s Foster Children

Some of y’all think we’re total Scrooges here at GeorgiaPol, or at least a collection of Get Off My Lawn-types. Maybe there’s a little truth to that. (Probably.) But one thing we’re not Scrooge-y about are children in the foster care system in this state. These kids have clearly had some bumps in their road that other children have luckily avoided, and we’re hoping to help them have a good holiday this December.

Longtime media man Walter Jones is the legislative director for the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, and with that, he gets to head the Secret Santa program. Unfortunately for Walter and his crew of Santas, all that beautiful snow y’all got in the northern part of the state this past weekend has put them behind in their collection efforts, and 3,000 kids are still in need of matches.

While the last of the physical collection events was the 10th, DFACS will be accepting monetary donations through this Thursday. Please, if you can, would you join us in helping a child in need have a great holiday by becoming a Secret Santa?

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