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GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 10 for March 18, 2016: Coming Down The Home Stretch

The Georgia General Assembly will be winding down their 2016 session this coming week, but it’s been an…interesting week.  Charlie Harper, Jon Richards, and Stefan Turkheimer get together on the 1st hour of the Sully Show and Rich “Sully” Sullivan let’s them loose with the microphones.  This week, they cover a few items including the

GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 9 For March 11, 2016: #TMOT, Tractors, Bald Eagle, Crazies, and UPS Mailboxes

Qualifying ended Friday at noon, and there were a few gems who qualified including: Derrick ‘TMOT’ Grayson for US Senate – Republican Mary Kay Bacallao for US Senate – Republican (you might remember her from the ‘14 State School Super race) Allan Levine for GA-14 – Republican (guy who qualifies for Congress in multiple states,

GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 8 For March 4, 2016: #RINORadioRevolution

#RINORadio GeorgiaPol Radio took to the air again on Friday where Charlie Harper, Jon Richards, and Stefan Turkheimer discussed the hangover from Super Tuesday.  Is Donald Trump unstoppable?  Are we in the midst of a political realignment within both parties?  Luckily, we have the downloadable podcast version just in case you missed the live version

WGST GeorgiaPol Radio – It’s Only The Beginning Edition

It’s Friday! Thursday, and you get GeorgiaPol Radio.  Yes, GeorgiaPol Radio on a Thursday.  No, we didn’t get the FBI to hack into Charlie’s phone and change the date to make him think today’s Friday.  The Sully Show will be remote out in Smyrna tomorrow, so we’re bumping GeorgiaPol Radio up a day for your listening pleasure.

GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 6 For February 19, 2016: Who Can Fly This Thing?

It’s Friday, and that means GeorgiaPol Radio is taking over The Sully Show on WGST 640AM.  Charlie Harper flies solo on this week as Jon Richards and Stefan Turkheimer are down at the Capitol.  Although Sully let’s Charlie in the radio booth by himself, you won’t be wandering around like a somnambulant.  It’s a jam-packed