Sunday Reader: St Baldrick’s Cuts For A Cause – Curing Childhood Cancer

Team Spider Monkey circa 2013
Team Spider Monkey circa 2013

In getting back to our tradition of having at least one Sunday morning feature of our political friends doing non-political things, today we need to spotlight two members of the #GaPol community. John Vestal, a/k/a “BuzzFan”, has long been a fellow commenter and one of the folks I’ve known the longest that I met because of “Icarus”.

John, despite being a Tech fan and supporter, is actually a pretty decent guy.  And one of the ways we know that is year after year, he gets a hair cut.  Actually, all of them.  Completely.

Rich Sullivan, a/k/a “Sully”, is WGST’s mid-day talk radio host and our gracious benefactor that provides for our Friday Radio hour.  He’s also long been a committed participant in the annual St. Baldrick’s event to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Sully did his shave today at Meehan’s in Sandy Springs, a long time St. Baldrick’s partner.

If you want to see one of these events in person, John will be at The Harp Irish Pub in Roswell. Here’s what he should expect to look like this morning, and this afternoon.

BuzzFan, Pre-Cut
BuzzFan, Pre-Cut


So why do these guys do this? It’s not (just) that they want the attention. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is one of the nation’s leading organizations that funds research into curing childhood cancer, as well as other health issues that people who have had childhood cancer and survive often face later in life.

One thing to note about St. Baldrick’s – only 4% of money raised is used in administration of the foundation according to their website. That’s pretty low for a charitable organization and much less than many other similar organizations.

How did they do? Rich surpassed his goal of $1,000 raised. But you can still donate here.

John has been doing this a bit longer, and goes in to today’s event with about $2,400 raised. His team has a goal of $25,000 to raise, and they’re still a bit short as of this morning. Want to help out? Same drill, here’s a link.

At the end of this event, a few pints will have been consumed and a lot of money will have been raised. And two of the good guys can go a while without needing a haircut because they decided to undertake a public act in order to make cures for cancer possible. When you see them, give them a pat on the back. Until then, find one of those links up there and give them some coin.


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