GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 8 For March 4, 2016: #RINORadioRevolution

#RINORadio GeorgiaPol Radio took to the air again on Friday where Charlie Harper, Jon Richards, and Stefan Turkheimer discussed the hangover from Super Tuesday.  Is Donald Trump unstoppable?  Are we in the midst of a political realignment within both parties?  Luckily, we have the downloadable podcast version just in case you missed the live version on WGST.

Segment 1:  Charlie, Jon, and Stefan discussed the aftermath of Super Tuesday.  Charlie spent a lot of time talking with national and international media that descended upon Georgia for the #SECPrimary about the phenomenon of Donald Trump.

Segment 2: Jon gives an update on what’s going on under the Gold Dome.  This past Monday was Crossover Day for the Georgia General Assembly where, if a bill fails to make it out of its originating chamber, it’s considered dead for the session.  Casinos in Georgia is dead and other hot topics.

Segment 3: Further decompression of Super Tuesday and the Republican “debate” on Thursday.  Rubio goes after Trump.  Trump talks about his “thing” as a topic of yesterday’s GOP debate.

Segment 4: Final thoughts on the state of the Republican race for President.  Talk of former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s tweet on how the GOP is committing suicide with Trump as the front runner.  Discussion on realignment within both major parties with Jim Webb’s tweet on how he can’t support Hillary and might be willing to support Trump.  Is it the end of the world as we know it?  Maybe. It’s certainly possible that what we’ve traditionally seen as the “Republican Party” may be vastly different in November than what it is today.

We thank Rich “Sully” Sullivan for allowing Charlie and the gang to seize the airwaves of WGST each week for GeorgiaPol Radio.  You can listen to GeorgiaPol Radio every Friday at 12 noon on 640 AM on your radio dial around the Atlanta area or anywhere on Earth from your browser or iHeartRadio app if you have a series of tubes that lead you to the Interwebs.

BONUS #RINORadio!  Charlie filled in for Sully on Wednesday and talked about how Georgia’s delegate numbers shook out, the path going forward, and hard decisions by Republicans if Donald Trump is to be stopped.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

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Segment 8

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John Konop
John Konop

The drum beat from Romney, McCain, Perry…..about how bad Trump is a candidate will have a boomerang effect. You cannot in one breath beg for his endorsement, and saying glowing things about Trump, than rip him when he runs. This strategy has only added fuel to the fire with the distrust of the establishment.