GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 10 for March 18, 2016: Coming Down The Home Stretch

The Georgia General Assembly will be winding down their 2016 session this coming week, but it’s been an…interesting week.  Charlie Harper, Jon Richards, and Stefan Turkheimer get together on the 1st hour of the Sully Show and Rich “Sully” Sullivan let’s them loose with the microphones.  This week, they cover a few items including the latest Franken-#RFRA bill that passed earlier this week.

Here’s your roundup:

Segment 1RFRA passes. Charlie, Jon, and Stefan talk about the winners and losers of RFRA’s 11th hour victory.

Segment 2Governor Nathan Deal is put in a tough spot with RFRA. Pressure is mounting from outside forces (like business) for him to veto the Frankenbill lest companies that were moving to and new industries sprouting in Georgia leave because of it. Will the Governor kill the bill? Expect major lobbying from both sides of the argument.

Segment 3Rainy day fund! Georgia promised “never again” on using Federal stimulus dollars and now there’s some consternation about having a big rainy day fund, but, as Charlie said, we have balanced the budget on the backs of state employees (e.g. state troopers, etc.) for the past number of years. Also, let the record show, Stefan praises Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones.

Segment 4GOP and the #DumpTrump train, but has that train left the station? Talks of rules changes are going on to prevent a Trump nomination, but changing the rules could cause more damage than having Trump win. In other words, Republicans are choosing death by either gunshot or stabbing.

That’s it for this week’s GeorgiaPol #RINORadioPowerHour.  Thanks to Sully for letting the GeorgiaPol gang taking over the airwaves this week and every week.  You can listen to GeorgiaPol Radio every Friday at noon on The Sully Show on WGST 640AM on your radio dial anywhere in the Atlanta area or through your browser or iHeartRadio app.

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