GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 7 for February 25, 2016: It’s The #SECPrimary

GeorgiaPol Radio came a day early this week, but you still get the GeorgiaPol Radio podcast on Saturday!  How’s that for a set schedule?  This week, Aaron Sheinin of the AJC joins Charlie Harper and Jon Richards to talk about presidential politics and the #SECPrimary.

Here’s what happened this week:

  • Segment 1: Charlie and Jon talk about RFRA and the work to get the business community out of the middle and pass a bill that can still please all sides.  Then, Charlie asks Jon to talk about transportation in north Fulton.
  • Segment 2: Economic drivers!  Georgia Film tax credits are discussed and how it’s helping Georgia become a major economic driver and one of the largest filming bases in the United States.  Plus, the financial technology sector in Georgia is growing.
  • Segment 3: The AJC’s Aaron Sheinin joins Charlie and Jon to talk about the goings-on at the Capitol and presidential politics.  A status inquiry about the Brunch Bill, near and dear to Sully’s and a lot of GeorgiaPol folks’ hearts.  After all things brunch, we move on to the #SECPrimary and getting Aaron’s take on what he’s seeing on the presidential race circuit.
  • Segment 4: Howard calls in to talk about Trump and lays out his thought-out reasons on why he voted for Trump.  Charlie and Jon talk about the potential for Trump becoming the Republican nominee for President and how talk radio, the blogosphere, and conservative-leaning sites who are making a beautiful dollar by hammering the ever-nebulous #Establishment.

That’s it for this week’s edition of GeorgiaPol Radio.  You can listen to GeorgiaPol Radio every Friday at 12 noon on the Sully Show on WGST.  Special thanks to WGST and Rich for allowing Charlie to take command of the radio booth.  You can listen each week to GeorgiaPol Radio on 640 on your AM radio dial in the Atlanta area or through your browser or the iHeartRadio app anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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